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Mobile Audio

The mobile audio products that we market are designed to provide our customers with the best in listening pleasure. First of all, there is the head unit with its radio tuner and receiver with other optional features, such as a DVD player, CD player, USB flash memory or Minidisc. The amplifiers will then provide sufficient power, especially for the bass and other low frequency sounds. The car speakers make up another important part of the mobile audio system and they are of various designs that take into account the unusual conditions in a car. For example, the cones are designed to operate under high temperatures and the subwoofers are included for the desired low frequency bass sounds.

Mobile Video

The mobile video products include entertainment systems for the car, such as DVD players with LCD or TFT screens and stereo headphones, and even satellite television systems for the car. The TFT or LCD monitors can be mounted on the headrests or overhead with a flip-down screen. Oftentimes, the DVD players has a remote control and the monitors can also be utilized for video games. Customers may also opt for satellite TV and these units come with the proper antenna and GPS and on-screen messaging capabilities may also be included.


Mobile Security

Meanwhile, the mobile security systems are important accessories for cars. One such product is a system for disabling the car starter. Related to this is a remote starter system that permits the user to activate the engine even when he is not inside the car. An advantage of this system is that you can start the air-conditioning system so that the temperature of the interior of the vehicle will be just right when you enter it. A remote security system will also automatically arm itself and warn you when somebody is trying to open your car or even try to tow it away.


Home Audio

Our line of home audio products are designed to provide exceptional quality and an incredibly home experience. Examples are full range loudspeakers featuring woofers and tweeters as well as speakers that provide connectivity features designed to enable you to attach your iPod, iPhone or other MP3 players. These are usually in the form of docking stations with powerful subwoofers. And for those who do not want to disturb others while enjoying the best in sound quality, there are a variety of choices of earbuds and headphones.


Home and Portable Audio

There are also a number of portable audio and video products. For example, there are several interfaces that can be utilized so that the user can connect his iPod to car stereo systems and enjoy their favorite music on the go. Other products permit the user to integrate various types of mobile products through the use of Bluetooth. Bluetooth dongles are also available that allow the streaming of music from any portable device. This can be used for listening to MP3 players or conversing with somebody through a cell phone. Devices that permit the hands-free operation of mobile phones can also be included in this category.