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David Lee Marketing

David Lee Marketing Inc. has served the marketing needs of manufacturers of audio, video and car electronics products in the Southwest since 1972. As such, we have been distributing these products to customers from the states of Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Texas. Our headquarters are conveniently situated in Edmond, Oklahoma, to ensure that our staff who are experienced in the technical aspects of the products can readily reach out to local clients who are in need of assistance. Our company also serves as a stocking rep for manufacturers, taking care of the shipping and delivery of products to the various customers. We have experts in the 12 volt electronics industry and we market the products either by selling them straight to the consumer or through warehouse distribution.

Our company has sales representatives not only in our home office but also in the various satellite locations to ensure that quality service is provided in the shortest time possible. We have associations with about 300 independent dealers scattered throughout the five state region and we often take part in different promotional events in the various localities so that we may create mutually beneficial relationships between the manufacturers, dealers and our company.